Friday, November 16, 2007

over a year...

without a post! i feel bad, i really do. i just kind of got too busy for this. i'll try to re-vive this blog for sure.

for now, here's a photo taken outside of windsor, ont. i can say with confidence that i'm sure most of michigan and southwestern ontario is covered in colourful leaves.

and, i hope that everyone remembers to visit the handmade detroit holiday market at the magic stick on woodward in detroit this weekend. it starts on friday, nov. 16 at 7pm (i believe this night is the VIP night so there's a $5 admission) with music by scarlet oaks and SSM.

the 17th is the more traditional day, starting at 10am and ending at 5pm with free admission.

the address for the magic stick is 4120-4140 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI.

link for complete info:
handmade detroit's holiday market

Monday, October 09, 2006

my absense: explained!

this always happens, i forget about my blog. i have quite a few pictures to post, but for some reason photobucket just is not working. i'll try again later this week, though.

Friday, May 05, 2006

detroit river in wyandotte, mi.

one sunday my dad and i were driving to and around wyandotte, mi for a reason i can't remember. it was a gloomy day, and we were driving back towards detroit, turning onto a road along the river. i took this picture as we were stopped at a traffic light. the mass that appears in the middle of the river is one of the little islands between wyandotte and lasalle, ont.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

windsor/detroit from belle isle

(click on image to see larger version)

on january 15, i went driving around detroit before a show with my friend, and we went to belle isle. the best photo of the belle isle photos are of these two border towns.

on the left, the blue-lit building is casino windsor. across the orange clouds is the ambassador bridge, and on the right is of course the RenCen.

thanks to a friend, steve, of detroit band the nice device, here's the link to a lot of nice shots of detroit. photos.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

the brown bomber's arm

Image hosted by

this is the arm of the famous detroit boxer, joe louis (a/k/a the "brown bomber"). he was a symbol of freedom against nazi germany after defeating german max schmeling; also a hero to many african-americans during the days of segregation, according to research. a mini-bio can be found here, and another one here.

official site.

sadly, i can't find the exact stats of his arm measurements.

taken may 1, 2005.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

downtown detroit, early spring

Image hosted by

taken by shoving the camera out the car window and clicking.
i think it turned out nicely.

so there has been quite a lapse in updates. i'm trying to make time for a photo a week, or possibly 3 a month, with updates on fridays.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Summer Murals Go Unfinished

It already seems as if I've forgotten about this site! But no worries, this was al lthe result of a bad internet connection.

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Corner of Talbot and Centre streets; Essex, Ontario (Late summer 2004)

Essex is very famous for its murals (over 13 works on different walls around the town by such famous artists as Ron Suchiu) and this is one that remains unfinished until the spring. It features the local residents who are involved with the Rotary Club.